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King Arthur fell in battle, a victim of the betrayal of his nephew Mordred. Now, his body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. It is only when Excalibur is raised again that a new king again will be crowned and the kingdom will be unified. The whole empire has been split into cities fighting each other. Many desire the power and magic of Excalibur but there is only room for one in the king's throne...
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That is an unfortunate moment when you get out of your kingdom by betraying your near and dear ones. And it becomes sadder when you are a king of the whole empire. We are here with the same strategy game, the king of Avalon mod apk, which reflects the above situation perfectly.

The king of Avalon apk is partially based on the England king Aurthur who was betrayed by his nephew Mordred. In real life, King Arthur does everything to get his empire again, while in the king of Avalon new kingdom that all depends on you. How do you get your kingdom back from your enemies?

Storyline Of King Of Avalon Mod Apk

When king Aurthur got exterminated from his kingdom, he found himself on a scattered Island of Avalon with his mighty sword Excalibur. After king Aurthur, the whole city of the kingdom is fighting with each other, and the whole kingdom is facing a situation of turmoil.

Now it’s all in your hand in this king of Avalon strategy game. Now try to build your beautiful city in Avalon and build your powerful army. Then try to train your dangerous dragons, which will vanish your enemies quickly.

There is also availability to join multiplayer alliances in the king of Avalon beta. So try hard to join an alliance and beat your enemy in no time. The alliance will also help you to survive for more time.

Always train your dragons perfectly. Always spend a lot of money on those and raise them against your enemies. Then make friends and chat with them to taste a more straightforward victory. Build your powerful army and know all the king of Avalon secrets.

For more strategy games download Seaport Mod Apk or get it from Google store. Moreover, you can have more fun with Total Conquest Mod Apk.

Unique Features Of King Of Avalon Mod Apk

Now it’s time to know the unique facts and features of the king of Avalon mod apk. You will be granted all these following features in this king of Avalon hack apk. Be intended and read these features briefly.

Feel The Real War Everywhere

After the death of King Arthur, you are not alone, which is in the seek of the kingdom. You will see a lot of enemies who are also trying to get the throne. Be aware and always make your army ready to do war with absolute powers and enjoy the victory.

Join Alliances

First, you will be alone. But after a time, you will also see a lot of people in the Avalon. So you can also ally with them. You can make alliances with your best friends and family. You can also play Rise of kingdoms mod apk which is a great alliance war game like this.

Send Spy To Know The Whole Situation

You can even send a spy to the other empires before waging war against a brutal enemy. By sending spies, you will get a lot of knowledge about enemy determination which will help you win the battle in king of Avalon apk mod.

Use The Legendary Dragons

You will also be granted legendary dragons in Avalon mod. These dragons are considered as mass destruction items against your enemy. So the use of dragons is so necessary to win a battle.

But the question is, how would you train these dragons. So don’t worry about this. By reading the instructions and all prompts ideally, you will be able to train these dragons efficiently.

Enjoy Real-Time Multiplayer War

As an online game, you will face a player vs. player battle in 7 king of Avalon dragon warfare mod apk. You can even chat with them and make them friends. You can also ally with them. It all depends upon you; what will you do?

Make Yourself Powerful

If you seek victories, it is necessary to make yourself powerful in front of your enemies. Make the foundations of the empire strong to survive in a dragon-fire war zone. Manage all the situations perfectly and try to give perfect orders.

Famous Yourself Globally

If you want to make yourself famous, then make a mighty army. Your army will be famous. Your army power will make you the famous hero of Avalon and a myth player of dragon-fire.

Mod Features

You will get the following features with this modified version of the king of Avalon game. Let’s be ready to enjoy the extra perks and features of this game free of cost.

  • Unlimited free gold
  • Unlocked all heroes
  • Unlocked all dragon skills
  • Unlimited food and other materials


We all know that there are also a lot of other famous kingdoms games nowadays. But we suggest you, king of Avalon mod apk, as an actual story-based game. You can also play this to know the real secrets of King Arthur and his sword Excalibur.

Important FAQs

How To Get Basic Development Ingot?

The fastest way to get development ingots is to kill monsters in Avalon.

Can we play this game on PC?

Yes! You can also play this game on your PC by downloading the PC game file of this game.

Which dragon is the best in PvP battles?

We recommend you choose Mage. It will show the best performance in PvP battles.

What's new

Embrace the challenges from WINTER with Orlando Bloom!

What’s New:
1. New Event: The Ballad of Orlando.
2. Pre-Anniversary Event: Camelot Tournament.

Optimized the use of color and the visual effect of words in the Chat Rooms.



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