Where to Get Magearna Qr Code for UK ,USA ,Australia ? Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Moon’


Magearna QR code for UK ,USA ,Australia & Japan – The Strongest Pokemon is now on your phone :

Wouldn’t you want to have such a stronger Pokemon in your game kit to enjoy playing the games most? Who else would get this greatest chance missed? Just get this Magearna Qr Code into your game and have the maximum fun at no cost. Yes, it has been introduced in all 4 major continents including Japan, Australia, UK countries (Code is not released for UK Users yet). And we have grabbed the Magearna QR codes for all the countries that have been mentioned above. The next surprise for you is, we are letting you grab the same QR codes as we did for FREE!.


Before scanning the Magearna QR codes, you should really need to know about what Magearna is.? It is one of the stronger Pokemon you would ever have in your mobile for Pokemon Sun and Moon games. For most of the countries, the code has not been released yet, but we are unofficially releasing them in our web site. Come on guys, it’s a dream come true time and make use of it. Brace yourself and get ready to scan the QR codes being mentioned the bottom of this article for each country. Thank me later guys, lol.

Steps for How to Get Magearna Qr Code of Pokemon Sun and Moon Event Details:

  • You know very well that first step should be completing the story of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.
  • Once you get it completed on your device, go to the X menu on the game, and tab the QR SCANNER button and you are all set to scan the codes given at the bottom of this article.
  • Go to this website link for scan the Qr Code or you can also use this code as given below for scanning.
  • The codes given are for the countries of Europe, Australia, and Japan. So these country users are really the luckiest.

Australian Users Use this Code!

Europe Users Only Can Use this Qr Code!

North Americans Only :

Japan Users Only!

  • And everything set, scroll down to get your code (relevant to your country)
  • Head to the Antiquities of the Ages shops located in Hau’oli City to get your Magearna.
  • Ensure that you save the game, once you get Magearna after scanning QR code and visiting the place!
  • Guys from US and UK? Just keep your eyes here, don’t let them roll over – We are at anytime giving you the codes for your country.

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Issues on scanning or Magearna Qr Code is Not Working?

Yes, there might be some issues you would face while making use of it, just don’t worry and keep calm, we have been told these issues already and we have the solutions for them with our hands. We have a special article in order to resolve this issue that’s been linked here. This link has the detailed information about “How to fix Magearna QR code not working issue”. This will guide you through all the information you would need to make it resolved.


This is how we have explained our best to let this QR code scanned into your device, hope this article must help you in all the possible ways it could do. We are really proud to keep you updated about this Magearna QR code for other countries too. Please keep refreshing this website and wait for the time. Have a great day.



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